Frequently Asked Questions

What costs do I face if you publish my manuscript?

When you work with LAP, you don’t need to pay for anything. We believe that the business risks of publishing a book should be borne solely by the publishing house. For this reason, we will always be honest with you as to what we think of the quality of your manuscript. We only publish topics and texts, which we can fully support.

How long does the production of the book take?

After all the steps are complete and you have uploaded your files at LAP Online and designed your unique cover, it will then take around two weeks before the first bookseller can catalogue your work.

What will be the anticipated retail price of the book?

Our book prices usually range from 30 to 70 euros. As a matter of fact, digital printing of a single book involves more costs per unit than conventional print runs. Furthermore, the binding selling price determined by the publishing house depends on various other factors, such as the estimation of the marketable circulation, the specification and evaluation of the respective audiences, the variable production costs depending on the text volume, the project-related fixed costs, the anticipated marketing measures and the distribution channels and, more than anything, our experience.

As a means to optimize their potential readership, our authors are offered a unique and optional opportunity before their books’ release, to influence the book’s selling price on the market.

How is the settlement carried out and what do I have to do?

The sales report is generated every 12 months for the previous year. That means if your title has been available on the market on the 15th August 2011, the first sales report will be issued at the end of August 2012 for the billing period of 01.08.2011 to 31.07.2012. Authors then receive the agreed royalty fee (or a book voucher) for all copies sold within this period. Why such a wait, you ask? Simple: very long terms of payment tend to prevail in the bookselling trade. As from this moment the report is available for download in the author’s personal account in the publisher’s web application.

How much influence do I have over the final outcome?

Very much. We are open to your ideas and suggestions. You are welcome to make changes or amendments to your work until the final submission. As of that moment, no further changes are possible.

Will my manuscript be edited by LAP?

Since the manuscripts we accept are already of a high standard, we tend not to edit works. Proofreading is not performed as it would not be financeable.

Why do you not ask money from your authors?

We do not ask money from our authors because we see ourselves as the author’s partner, and we finance ourselves exclusively by selling their books. We therefore reserve the right to decide ourselves, which books we publish in order to stand by the high standard that we have set. We take pride in having the chance to publish and market many excellent works and we are happy to stick to this successful model.

I am worried about giving out my bank details/ My account details changed in the meantime. How can I make sure to receive royalties?

Our authors are recommended to provide a PayPal account for the reception of royalty payments. PayPal is a fast and cheap way to pay or receive payments online. As PayPal never reveals your bank details to buyers or sellers, it makes it a safe method for online transactions. If you do not already possess a PayPal account, you can simply create one by visiting PayPal’s website and following the instructions: If PayPal is not available in your country or if despite its advantages you feel uncomfortable about this service, we also accept bank details for the transfer of royalty payments.

For your reassurance our website is SSL secured and in Germany it is common to ask for your bank details in order to use bank accounts to transfer funds. The EU rules make these procedures a safe mode of currency exchange. It may also be useful for you to know that some of our authors set up a separate account for safety where money can only be deposited. Should you wish to choose the option “decide later” while registering, you need to either provide a PayPal account or type in your correct bank details within 12 months after the publication date of your book. If you fail to provide payment details in time, or they are not correctly typed in, or the data is not valid/actual anymore by the deadline, you will not receive any royalties.

If we received your correct payment details in time, we will update you regarding your actual amount of royalty and transfer the money to your account.

If you wish to change your account details or personal data in our system after you have finished your book project, please use your author login data to access our online system as usual and type in the actual information.