Digital Marketing for Authors

Besides the array of services that we deliver to authors for free, a lot of aspects related to marketing a book usually falls on the author.

Our Digital Marketing for Authors is designed to help you expand your audience, no matter your budget or experience with marketing.

We use a tested formula that will create buzz on the internet, potentially generate sales, bring you exposure, but most importantly get you where you want to be without having to spend your precious time in marketing activities.

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For the ambitious ones

In today’s world, every author must be a promoter too. Whether you have published ten books or are about to release your first, having the right knowledge and tools is critical to your success as an author. Fortunately, we’re here for you. OmniScriptum offers a series of marketing services to help your book get the attention it deserves. Let us take care of bringing you closer to success.

Digital Marketing - Personalised Biography Webpage

Personalised Biography Webpage

Online shops are a great place to sell books, but your book might be lost in the myriads of books that are published worldwide. For instance, Amazon usually gives priority to authors who are actively engaged in promoting themselves.

A biography webpage that tells your story and showcases your publication is the perfect format for authors to boost sales and get exposure.

Subscribe to our Digital Marketing services and our team will design a beautiful, modern and customised biography webpage for you. Click here to see an example.

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Digital Marketing - SPONSORED advertising

SPONSORED advertising

When it comes to internet marketing, social media advertising through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest is an essential instrument to build your audience.

  • We will create a custom audience that specifically targets people who are interested in your book’s subject.
  • An image advert or a short video ad for your book will be shown on advertising platforms. Click here for an advert sample.
  • We will monitor and manage your advertising campaign.

This will help your biography webpage get discovered by many people.

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Digital Marketing - NETWORKING & Targeting

NETWORKING & Targeting

We create highly targeted and tailor-made campaigns in order to reach a relevant audience of readers as well as professionals that will most likely be interested in connecting with you.

Who knows who might be get in touch with you for a collaboration?

Over the years we have helped countless of authors make big leaps in their career simply by enhancing their visibility to their target audience.

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Our Subscription Plans

Here are the three monthly digital marketing plans available to our authors: