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“I was very happy to cooperate with Lambert Academic Publishing. They’re smart and very very fast; they give you with great professionality everything you need to edit and publish your book. It was a very good experience, I hope to work with them again in the future.”

Alessandro Perrone, author of the book:

Fully Homomorphic Public-Key Encryption with Three Ciphertexts

“I thank Lambert Academic Publishing for giving me such a great opportunity to publish my fifth book with them. I am really so grateful”.

Masahiro Yagisawa, author of the book:

Fully Homomorphic Public-Key Encryption with Three Ciphertexts

“I would like to thank Lambert Academic Publishing so much for inviting me to publish my first book with them. I am really so grateful!”.

Yousef R. Gab-Allah, author of the book:

Engineering of Gravity and Time

“Everything is in time. No delay. I got the fast response for my queries. Smooth publication policy. Hope this cooperation will continue”.

Pavan Kumar Illa, author of the book:

Building Scalable Architectures For Web Applications in Cloud

“It is a privilege for me to have my book published from a top notch publisher. Your publishing company provides a platform for writers to write freely without worrying about the cost of publication. You give confidence to writers to give their emotions a sound, which enthrals in the far and free spaces of world”.

Jawad Ahmed Malik, author of the book:

Educating Land of Terrorist, defusing Terror mindset, A war on education

“I thank Lambert Academic Publishing for giving me such a great opportunity to publish my first book The Infinity of Science and Theory of Everything

Lambert Academic team was very kind and cooperative. They have given to me a good experience in publishing.

I have tightly worked in my research for several years. Philosophy refers to your ability of thinking and imagination. So philosophy includes Science but it should be ruled by logic. Scientist who will have discovered the theory of every thing should be aware of everything such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. Theory of everything is the theory that fully explains everything. This theory should give reasons for any unsolved problems in science. In another ward, it should give reasons of everything. It is called the master theory.

I studied pharmaceutical science then I spent several years in researching and thinking in many disciplines such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology for one reason; to find that theory, which explains everything.

I think that I have already discovered the theory of everything, which explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. I have gotten some applications of my theory in three vital things such as water, food and medications. By my theory, I have solved all the problems of physics in a very logical manner.
I believe that my book will make a change in science. And I am ready to discuss my theory with anyone" (Dr. Ahmed Soltan).

Vafa Abdullayeva-Nabiyeva

I am so happy that my first book was published by such famous company as OmniScriptum. During this time I felt that I hade been working with professional team. Paying attention to my book I appreciated as paying attention to my nation. I am very thankful and gratitude to you. Hope we will continue our cooperation.

Development of terminological vocabulary in Azerbaijani language

Dr. Md. Mamun Habib

“… I am delighted and honored to work with LAP! Their extra-ordinary support towards book publishing deserve praiseworthy, undoubtedly…”

Feasibility Study – Marketing, Financial and Operational Analysis

Supply Chain Management for Academia

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weaver

My experience with Lap Lambert Academic Publishing has been an experience I will never forget. From the first moment working with my editor, my observations have been that they care about the work that is being published. Their superb customer service and support of me was the first point I noticed in my first communication with company. Within three short months, with their assistance I have now published six books, three of which are now being used for two universities as supplemental requirements for courses that are offered to student both online and in traditional classrooms. I would recommend their services to anyone, in fact I have referred four of my colleagues to this company to publish their work, it is that good!

Strategy Development and Applied Management: How to develop and apply principles of strategy management

Collective Bargaining and Safety Concerns: Leadership Responsibilities

Problem Definition (Lack of Leadership): An example of a dissertation and how to define each chapter

How To Write A Business Plan: A Master’s Thesis Project

Comparing Leadership Competencies Among Senior Army Leaders: A Case Study

Craig Ernest Maddron, Ph.D.

LAP sets the standard for publication. They do what no other publisher does…they search for you! LAP’s editors spare “no expense” in contacting authors and communicating the publication requirements… making publication as easy as 1, 2, 3. Often LAP is the first vehicle available for publication. Once publishers realize the benefits they publish over and over again! I am honored!

International Leadership and Negotiations: Strategies for development


Dominique E. Uwizeyimana

There are no words I can use to express my gratitude to you and your company for accepting to publish my work in the form of a book. Thank you also for your continuous and friendly support throughout the process of getting my book in shape. It has been a real pleasure to have you as a guide and mentor. Thank you very much for allowing me to recommend my friends and other academics to publish their books with LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG. I will do it with great pleasure. While impatiently waiting to see the first copy of my own book, I once again thank you very much.

The New Public Management (NPM) in the Sub-Saharan African Context: Public Administration, New Public Management (NPM), Private Sector, Management Contract, Privatisation, Public Services, Sub-Saharan Africa

Faramarz Helali, Ph.D.

I must tell you that your contribution of publishing this book is very helpful and valuable for globalization of Ergonomics/Human Factors. […] I am appreciated of your contributions and also your kindly support and assist. I am very proud and happy about being one of the authors of Lambert Academic Publishing now.

The Ergonomics ‘Know-How’ Transfer Models to IDC’s Industries: Concept, Theory, Methodology, Method, Technique

Pekka Pihlanto

This was very convenient process, because personal and printed advise were so excellent!

Decision-Maker in Focus: Holistic Individual in the Theater of Consciousness