Pre-pregnancy contraception use in patients seeking abortion services

Emergency contraceptives

Lebeza Alemu Tenaw - ISBN: 978-620-0-11489-1

€ 43,90

Screening stable wheat genotypes

Study on impact of morphophysiological and quality traits on grain yield of wheat under different environments

Monika Singh, Vinod Kumar - ISBN: 978-3-659-85214-5

€ 84,90

Microphysical Characteristics of Tropical Precipitating Clouds

Ground-based measurements

K Hemalatha, D Punyaseshudu, T Lokeswara Reddy - ISBN: 978-620-0-00280-8

€ 68,90

Assessing Storage Insect Pest infestations and Faecal dropping

of Rodent in Stored Grains from two districts of Southwestern Ethiopia

Marid Tadesse - ISBN: 978-613-9-46229-2

€ 43,90

Green Computing

This text book Green Computing covers the ways to tackle energy efficiency at Large Scale in IT Industry

Ms. Shirley Jeeva Malar R., Mr. Jeyaram G., Ms. Vidhya V. - ISBN: 978-613-9-99760-2

€ 79,90

Proper wear of facemask using machine learning to fight Covid 19 virus

Ensure proper wearing of facemask using machine learning to fight Covid 19 virus

Loremelo Catindoy - ISBN: 978-613-9-46200-1

€ 43,90

Handbook of Easy to learn Microbiology

Microbiological Quiz Questions

Shivi Saxena, Neeraj Dholia - ISBN: 978-613-9-99829-6

€ 43,90

Diffusion on the Peer-to-Peer Network

Julien Riposo - ISBN: 978-620-2-00707-8

€ 40,90

Shoulder Girdle Mobilization For Frozen Shoulder

Glides That Work Wonders

Dharmang Vyas - ISBN: 978-613-9-45980-3

€ 43,90



Kalaimani Subramani, Kandeepan chithan - ISBN: 978-613-4-90730-9

€ 60,90