A new Vision of the Universe

A new Vision of the Universe

The Big Bang unravelled

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-12-05 )

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The current model of the evolution of the Universe is incomplete and contains fundamental errors in the underlying physics. There are two errors: the constancy of the speed of light and the constancy of the clocks (progress of time). The first error: When measured the speed of light always has a constant value, but it is not a constant. Since the amazing theory of Quantum Mechanics was invented in 1925 it should have been clear that the unit of km/sec is proportional to the speed of light itself and therefore the speed of light is not measurable. In the visible part of the universe, the speed of light is slowly diminishing over time with an e-folding time of 28 billion years. Inside black-holes, however, it is several tenths of orders higher in magnitude (1030). This leads to the presence of dark matter in and around the galaxies. Going back in time a very high speed of light explains the uniformity of the radiation emitted in early times. This is measured today as the spatially uniform cosmic microwave background radiation. If one accepts that clocks slow down, there is no acceleration of the expansion.

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Physics, astronomy