The Resilience Art Debate 2021, Hong Kong convened by Dr. Shirley Yeung (Head, School of Business, Gratia Christian College and Associate Vice President, UNESCO HK Association) was held on 27th December, 2021 brought the key stakeholders from a diverse background of 8 places with 2 moderators - Musa, Kenya and Peter, Nairobi, and invited guests from the sectors of academic, industries, NGOs. Following up this event, Dr. Shirley Yeung has been publishing a diversity of books on implementation of SDG/ ESG in different perspectives.This new book covers the experiences that Dr. Shirley Yeung has gained with research findings to support for developing a new mindset integrating - 1) Pioneer Metaverse Mindset Project, 2) SDG Enterprise Award Implementation, JCI HK, 2022, and 3) Young Asian Artist Award granted to Dr. Yeung from SYART, 2022 with art, creative culture, and SDGs.Dr. Yeung takes an inquiry, explorative, and experiential learning approach to use Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese paintings and values of resilience, persistence and harmony for knowledge transfer which is innovative and transformative.Mr. Argenis Angulo2022 JCI PresidentGlobal Promoter of the Human Duties

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Dr. Shirley Mo Ching YEUNG

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Business management