BlockChain Technology Applications in Healthcare

BlockChain Technology Applications in Healthcare

Electronic Medical Records Management in Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine in China, Hong Kong, USA, Australia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-12-06 )

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Although Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is receiving global acceptance, accessing the knowledge and insights into the practice remains locked up in the minds of its practitioners. HerbMiners Informatics Limited, a TCM intelligence software solutions company, is looking to change this. Through cloud-based data mining, the company is looking to unlock the reservoirs of knowledge and advance TCM globally. We really want to demystify TCM, and we have three goals to enable this. One is to develop a platform for TCM doctors that digitizes the entire consultation process. Second, we want to discover new herbal active ingredients for the development of new products. And thirdly, we want to standardize TCM market with the development of a TCM encyclopedia. HerbMiners is essentially on its own. So it developed its own platform to meet its goals, called TCM Advisor (TCMA). Today, the platform’s success can be seen by its adoption by a large number of private clinics and more than 80% of non-government organizations in Hong Kong which provide TCM service. The system is also gaining traction in the United States, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Singapore and Macau.

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Wilfred W.K. Lin

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Integrative medicine