Modern Ukrainian journalism: theoretical and applied aspects

Modern Ukrainian journalism: theoretical and applied aspects

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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-11-24 )

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The monograph is devoted to the analysis of current topics which are covered in modern Ukrainian media. The study consists of five chapters, which are dedicated to geostrategic, popular science, environmental, political issues in media. Two chapters of the monograph are devoted to theoretical problems of mass communication, as well as methods of popularizing media content through social networks. The rest chapters of the study depict current issues in practical journalism. The object of research in this monograph can be outlined as follows: all-Ukrainian television channels and online media. The focus of the research is directed on the conceptual and meaningful context of geostrategic topics in the media, the audience's inquiries about popular science topics in the most rated Ukrainian online media, environmental issues in the TV program "Orel and Reshka". The theoretical problems of modern media are summarized in the section "Mass communication: theoretical grounds of the problem". One of the current issues which is highlighted in the monograph is the influence of media owners on the editorial policy of publications.

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Mariana Kitsa

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