Battered Mothers'' Informal Social Networks

Battered Mothers'' Informal Social Networks

A Qualitative Exploration

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-11-24 )

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While there has been substantial research and practice literature published on domestic violence in the past three decades, little has explored the informal social networks of battered women with children. This book is an analysis of informal social network interaction based on interviews with mothers who survived abuse by their husbands or boyfriends. The study describes who these mothers perceived as part of their social networks, explores the nature of their interactions, and discusses know they experienced these interactions. Interactions with children, family members, friends and neighbors who became involved are described. The author found the mothers experienced these interactions along a continuum of supportive to unsupportive. Women often expressed feelings of unease, fear, or embarrassment when others became involved when they had not solicited that involvement. How women experience social network interactions also varies with their contexts. Suggestions regarding future research are made and the implications for how these findings might be applied to empowerment practice with battered mothers and their families are discussed.

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Annelies Hagemeister

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Research on Woman and gender