Joan of Arc''s Daughters

Joan of Arc''s Daughters

Women in France''s National Front

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-20 )

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The National Front is a political party struggling to rid France of threats to its cultural, racial, political, and economic identity. Every May 1st, the party holds a parade to honor Joan of Arc for her fight against invaders and traitors. Today, the invaders are immigrants and Muslims and the traitors are globalists, multiculturalists, ethnic minorities, and leftists. Women in the National Front see themselves as daughters of Joan of Arc. This book explores the reasons they give for joining the party and the meaning they make of their activism. The findings show that women in the National Front do not conform to common depictions of them as passive and secondary players to men, incapable of comprehending a complex political ideology, and concerned primarily with family matters. They express and fight for a broad array of political ideals. The practice of discounting the women in the National Front leads to a faulty and potentially dangerous understanding of the party''s strategies, ideology, and activities.

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Marit Berntson

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Political science