Terrorism: Our World and Our Laws

Terrorism: Our World and Our Laws

Tracing the Roots and Legal Responses

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2009-10-20 )

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Terrorist acts usually harm innocent victims. The object of the terrorist is to shake the faith of the man on the street in the Government and in its local representatives, especially the police,so that, in the end a desperate population will seek security, not from the authorities, but from the terrorist and its political allies. Today we have a number of enactments curbing and repressing terrorism. But why is it that none of them have met the real need of humanity? My work, after discussing the historical and definitional aspect also takes into account the laws prevalent internationally and in U.S., U.K. and India. An empirical study for examining the lacunas in the legal system in India has been undertaken as part of this project. This work also discusses some of the key issues related to the enactment of various international and national laws, in the context of terrorism and the security of the State. It further deals with the legal control of terrorism and tries to analyse that why are we still unable to control this menace.

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Shruti Bedi

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Foreign and International law