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Fungal Species Information

Its organisation for World Wide Web for multiple users

- ISBN: 978-3-8433-5005-1

Fungal Spoilage of Fruits of Citrus species

The Fungal Spoilage, Shelf Life and Chemical composition of Fruits of Selected Citrus species

- ISBN: 978-3-8484-3559-3

Reactive Oxygen Species as Defenses against Plant Fungal Infections

A Case Study on ROS employed by crops against Verticillium dahliae wilts

- ISBN: 978-613-9-98871-6

Fungal rhinosinusitis

A Clinico - Mycological Study

- ISBN: 978-620-2-52707-1

Fungal Taxonomy

- ISBN: 978-613-9-44304-8

Fungal isolations

Post harvest and soil-borne fungal pathogens

- ISBN: 978-620-4-73048-6

Fungal Spore Physiology

With reference to the Aspergillus niger spores

- ISBN: 978-3-330-04020-5

Oral Fungal Infections

Varied manifestations of Oral Fungal Infections

- ISBN: 978-3-659-18335-5