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Oral Hygiene Aids in Children

oral health care - from toddler to teen

- ISBN: 978-620-3-84012-4

Women in Trade Union Leadership

A Focus on University Academic Staff Union (UASU) in Kenya

- ISBN: 978-3-8484-3403-9

Selected Papers in Development Studies

Asymmetry: A Key Challenge

- ISBN: 978-3-8465-1610-2


A Discussional Analysis of the menace of Time Robbery, Financial-Sector Mis-Management, and Militancy in Nigeria

- ISBN: 978-3-8433-6527-7

Feature Projections in Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

- ISBN: 978-620-3-86342-0

Tertiary Education in East Africa

A Study on Differentiation and Articulation

- ISBN: 978-3-8473-4444-5

Epigenetic mechanisms in human cancer

Analysis of the epigenetic mechanisms underlying gene expression changes in liver cancer

- ISBN: 978-3-8484-4032-0

Understanding Community Service in Rwanda

As Reconstructive Measure for Sustainable Development in Nyamagabe District

- ISBN: 978-620-3-86965-1

Iconoclastic Papers in Rigorous Philosophy

A Meta-selection with coda

- ISBN: 978-620-3-86085-6