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Zero Carbon City

Case Study: East District, Alexandria City, Egypt

- ISBN: 978-3-659-48541-1

Sistan and Balochistan Flood Study

Flood Study in Makoran Region, Iran

- ISBN: 978-3-659-24377-6

Biofuel Impacts on Food Crisis

Case Study of Tropical Rain Forest and Tropical Grass Land in Cameroon

- ISBN: 978-3-8383-6247-2

PAH exposure profiles and related carcinogenic potencies at Agra, India

Seasonally Dependent Concentrations of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Aerosols and in Soil of Agra Region

- ISBN: 978-3-659-96503-6

Rhyzopertha dominica (Fab.) on Wheat

Bioecology and Management

- ISBN: 978-3-8454-3209-0

Human-Sloth bear interactions in Rajasthan, India

Nature and extent of Human-Sloth bear(Melursus ursinus) conflict in selected protected areas of Rajasthan.

- ISBN: 978-3-659-27430-5

Aloe Vera in Iran: A Flourishing Medical Plant with Diverse Functions

Aloe Vera Traditional & Modern Medicinal Uses, Greenhouses, Economic Importance, Development, Extension, Processing etc.

- ISBN: 978-620-4-74275-5

Studies on chickpea wilt disease caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Management of chickpea wilt disease caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris by rhizospheric microbes and botanicals

- ISBN: 978-620-4-75147-4