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Nature, Women and Ecofeminism

Voices of Ruth Ozeki, Cormac McCarthy and Amy McKey

- ISBN: 978-620-3-85619-4

Young Children and Nature

Outdoor Play and Development, Experiences Fostering Environmental Consciousness, & the Implications on Playground Design

- ISBN: 978-3-8465-3991-0

The nature of ecotourism

The place of self, identity and communities as interacting elements of alternative tourism experiences

- ISBN: 978-3-8383-2925-3

Assessing the existence of manufacturing strategy and its impact

On decision making in manufacturing levers, manufacturing outputs and business performance

- ISBN: 978-613-9-85867-5

The Nature Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Activities

- ISBN: 978-3-659-14311-3

The Beauty of Nature

- ISBN: 978-620-0-27723-7

The Nature of Adjectives

An Intellective Analysis of Adjectives

- ISBN: 978-620-0-08529-0


Five Tatvas, Natural Resources, Ecosystems, Biodiversity & Pollution

- ISBN: 978-3-8465-2638-5

Women, Nature and Care

Towards an Ecofeminist Model of Family Therapy

- ISBN: 978-3-659-22806-3

genetic variability, path coefficient and genetic divergence

Studies on genetic variability, character association,path coefficient and genetic divergence in yellow mustard

- ISBN: 978-620-3-84785-7