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Predictive Autonomous Robot Navigation

POMDPs for robot navigation with integrated human motion prediction

- ISBN: 978-3-659-88007-0

Robot Manipulator - Adaptive Control

Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulator

- ISBN: 978-3-659-53430-0

Adaptive Controller for Biped Robot Mimicking Human Gait

Bio-Inspired Control Strategy for Walking Robots

- ISBN: 978-3-659-15279-5

Optimal Fuzzy Controllers for Multi Mobile Robot Navigation

A new method in optimizing Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers using "Optimal Defuzzification"

- ISBN: 978-3-659-74157-9

High Accuracy Tracking Control for Double Link Robot Arm

Use Output Controller and State Feedback Controller Respectively

- ISBN: 978-3-8454-1429-4

Designing a Mobile Robot for Rescue Assist and Military Operations

Real Time Computer Vision System, People Detection using Thermal Camera, and Navigation Programming

- ISBN: 978-3-330-06999-2

Fault Detection and Isolation for Multi-Sensor Navigation Systems

Model-Based Methods and Applications

- ISBN: 978-3-659-38477-6

Adaptive Kinematic Control of Mobile Robot based on Neural Networks

Case Study: National Instruments Starter Kit 2 (DANI Robot)

- ISBN: 978-3-659-78771-3