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Study of Woody Plant Species Diversity and Socioeconomic Importance

The case of Boke Salt Landscape: A Volcanic Crater Lake in Semi-Arid Drylands of Borana, Southern Ethiopia

- ISBN: 978-3-8465-0626-4

Nutritional Survey of Aonla Orchards in Sikar district of Rajasthan

Soil & leaf nutrient status and root distribution study of aonla in arid irrigated areas of Rajasthan in India

- ISBN: 978-3-659-23577-1

Population dynamics of butterfly population from Kalaburagi, India

Species richness and composition across different seasons, from semi-arid region, Uplaon Nature Park of Karnataka State, India

- ISBN: 978-620-4-21079-7

Climate, traditional buildings, proportions

A brief study on iranian markets, homes and inns in two climate area: cold and hot & arid zone

- ISBN: 978-3-659-49093-4

Prosopis cineraria - A Kalpvarksha Tree of Indian Desert

A Case Study of Biomass Improvement in Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce in Arid and Semiarid Region of Rajasthan, India

- ISBN: 978-3-8465-4799-1

Urban Sprawl Al Ain- UAE

Urban sprawl in arid environments: contrasting master plans and land use changes in Al Ain City, United Arab Emirates

- ISBN: 978-620-2-51293-0

Crop weather relationship

under climate change situation in Pearl Millet

- ISBN: 978-620-0-48463-5

Crop Residue Based Complete Feed in Diverse Physical Forms

Effect of Complete Feed in Diverse Physical Forms on Nutrient Utilization in Indigenous Gir Cattle of Semi-Arid India

- ISBN: 978-3-330-03977-3

Chemical and Nutritive Content of Tamarind Fruits from Ukambani, Kenya

Chemical and Nutritional composition of Tamarindus indica fruit pulp from Ukambani districts

- ISBN: 978-3-8473-2164-4