Synthesis and Magnetic Characterization of Bismuth Doped ZnO Nanowires

The basics of ZnO and effect of different doping such as Bi-doping on magnetic properties of ZnO NWs

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Charcoal Production and Consumption Value Chain in Western Tanzania

Ecosystems and biodiversity conservation through efficient charcoal production and consumption

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Political Economy of Bureaucracy in Pakistan 2020

Astute Study of Institutional Quality,Public Policy Process, Bureau-Politic Nexus & Federal-Provincial Services Scenario

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Paths of enlightenment

Comparative study of Navoi ghazals with verses and hadiths

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Cutting Principles

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Conditions of visually impaired persons at work

Challenges and opportunities. The case of governmental organizations in Bahir Dar City

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Интерзональное развитие расселенческой структуры Восточной Сибири

на примере Ангаро-Енисейского макрорегиона

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Dry and wet decentralized sanitation technologies for rural areas

Applicability, challenges and opportunities

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Rhubarb, Marmots and Plague

Curious Coincidences

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