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Franco Donatoni's Crisis

Michael Barkl - ISBN: 978-613-9-90170-8

Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Among B. Ed Students

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of B.Ed. students regarding Population Issues

Sadaquat Ali Khan - ISBN: 978-613-9-88941-9

Towards Credible Performance Reporting

The case of Mpumalanga Farmer Support and Development Services (Programme 3)

Nare Tennyson Komape - ISBN: 978-613-9-88175-8

Великий мыслитель и поэзия

Дилором Салохи - ISBN: 978-613-9-89588-5

Molecular Detection of Genetically Modified Tomatoes in Iraqi market

Mohammed Al-Jumaily, Shurook Saadedin - ISBN: 978-613-9-89844-2

Advanced composites used for thin-walled models fabrication

Composite materials and techniques used in foundries

Mihai Alin Pop, Virgil Geamăn, Irinel Radomir - ISBN: 978-3-8454-7241-6

IR blocking and transparent in visible and THz filters

Fedir Sizov • Zinoviia Tsybrii • Ihor Korotash • Eduard Rudenko - ISBN: 978-613-9-89803-9

Mathematical Inequalities Volume 2

Symmetric Rational and Nonrational Inequalities

Vasile Cirtoaje - ISBN: 978-613-9-90006-0