The Evolution of Universal Telephone Service

Its History, Issues, and Alternatives

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Those who could look dressed, although they had got rid of the veil:

The Representation of Gender, Love, Family and Sexuality in Early Republican Canonical and Non- canonical Turkish Novel

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The Disarmament School:

US Policy for the Disarmament and Demobilization of the Germany Army, November-December 1944

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Outsourcing Human Resource Activities:

Measuring the Hidden Costs and Benefits

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Floodplains, Soils and Land Use

An Ecologically Based Land Evaluation

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Usage of Remote Sensing tools in coastline detection

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Performance in Organisations

An Autonomous Systems Approach

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From the Sail to the Steam

Naval Modernization in the Ottoman, Russian, Chinese and Japanese Empires 1830-1905

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Current Status of Wild Olive (Olea cuspidata Wall.ex G. Don)

in Bajura District of Nepal

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Foucault and the Politics of Development Aid

Reflections on New Zealand''s Education Aid Policies

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