The Ginsenosides: Yin and Yang in Angiogenesis

The Ginsenosides: Yin and Yang in Angiogenesis

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Viral Word-of-mouth and Email campaigns

Influencing viral word-of-mouth and the transmission of emails on the Internet

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Phosphate-deficiency response:

Searching for the Signaling Pathway

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Gradient techniques in preparative chromatography

Modeling and experimental realization

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Symptoms and Self-Care Strategies in HIV/AIDS

Application of Web-Based Survey

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Competitiveness of Polish Agriculture before Integration with the EU

Efficiency, productivity, and price adjustement

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A Factorial Comparison of Speech/Language Assessments

Relating the Vowel Space to Referential Communication Tasks

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Microarchitecture to Exploit Repetitive Computations and Values

Redundant Stores, Non Redundant Data Cache, Instruction Level Reuse, Trace Level Reuse and Trace Level Speculation

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Australian Perspective

Mazharul Kazi - ISBN: 978-3-8383-1089-3