Melodic similarity and transformations

A theoretical and empirical approach

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Project of Meine: The contribution of cities to economic development

An explanation based on Chinese and Indian cities

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Synthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinolines

A Benzotriazole-Mediated Approach

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China, India and Russia -

Cooperation and Construction of the Asia-Pacific Order in the 21st Century

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Bilateral Teleoperation of a Planetary Rover with Time Delays

A Master thesis from SpaceMaster, a Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology

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Robust Coexistence Methods for Frequency Hopped Wireless Networks

Mechanism, Algorithm, and Simulation

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Grouping Biological Data

Graduation Thesis

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Analysis & Diagnostics of Categorical Variables with Multiple Outcomes

Odds Ratio Estimation, Modelling Strategies, Deletion Diagnostics and Graphical Diagnostic Methods for Multiple Response Data

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Regional Integration

The Politics of Regional Economic Communities in Africa

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Imagining Women as Homeless

Re/tracing socially concerned photography

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