Agricultural Studies On Sugar Beet Crop

Effect of planting dates, bio-fertilizers and NK fertilization on sugar beet productivity and quality.

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Designing convenient retail centres

What it entails and why it''s important

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Hungarian Green Investment Scheme

A Game Theoretic Approach

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BNIP3 in Cyanide-induced Brain Damage

The Involvement of BNIP3 and Calcium in Cyanide-induced Neurotoxicity

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Hybridizing Identity: Louise Erdrich as Mixed-blood

A Postcolonial Study of the Novels of Louise Erdrich

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Political Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina after Dayton Agreement -

Disintegration or Transition into Democracy?

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The Right (Not) To Read "The Handmaid''s Tale" In School

Tensions with/in conversations about risky texts

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Functional Analysis: Quasinilpotent Equivalence in Banach Algebras

When Quasinilpotent Equivalence implies Equality

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The defense industry

A comparative analysis of US and European companies

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The age of the ‘American empire’: What went wrong?

How do scholars see the worldwide impacts of the US foreign policy?

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