The Professional Socialisation of Medical Students

The professional socialisation of medical students through the preclinical to clinical transition

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Hybrid Model of Optimization Algorithms: Concept and Derivation

Model Application in Optimizing Time and Cost of Tower Crane Complexity

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Product Design Considerations for Automated Manufacturing

Research Cases

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Testing for a Critical Juncture

Change in Mexican Macroeconomic Policy in the early 1980s

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Spatial data quality in SDI environment

Assessing and reporting the positional accuracy element

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Scientific Realism in International Relations Today

Why Norms Matter in International Politics

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Disambiguating News Data

A Real-Time Disambiguation System

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Language Choice and Use in Multilingual Contexts

Patterns and Its Constraints

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Optimization of Machining System

By Application of Adaptive Control Principles

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Involving Children in the Design of Healthcare Technology

An Exploratory Approach

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