South African Media Policy and Regulation

How it impact on Private Commercial Broadcasting: The Case of e.TV -2006

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Billion Dollar Company

An entrepreneur’s guide to business models for high growth companies

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Improve Data Warehouse Performance

"Data Warehouse Performance Improvement Technique exploiting Materialized and Sub-Materialize Views"

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Enhancing Urban Service Delivery through Partnerships in Namibia

Perceptions on a Public-Private Partnership Arrangement in Namibia

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Orbital Polarization in Relativistic Density Functional Theory

Spin and Orbital Magnetism

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Behaviour of autotrophic protists facing heavy metal challenges

Detoxification mechanisms against heavy metals in different taxa of marine autotrophic protists

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Impact of DRX on VoIP Performance and Battery Life


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Quality Information of the Software Development Process

Setting up a quality database for analysis of Software Development Process Information

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The Militia Movement in Bangladesh

Ideology, Motivation, Mobilization, Organization, and Ritual

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