Improving Performance in Race and Diversity

Research Findings for the Workplace

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Teaching and Thinking History

Taxonomy of Historical-Pedagogical Reasoning

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Developing and Sustaining Online Education

An Administrator''s Guide to Designing an Online Teaching Program

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Studies on Phosphorus Efficiency in Plants

Phosphorus Acquisition and utilization by Brassica spp.

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Managing Innovation to develop Capabilities in high-technology Firms

Benefits of Developing Innovation Capabilities in Firms, Management Strategies and Practices, Commercialization of Research in Global Markets

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Local Public Choice in Representative Democracy

Which Theory Best Explains the Data?

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Doing Right by Country

Cattle, Camels and Prickly Trees in Northwest Queensland

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Stories from the Storm

Displaced students' perspectives on surviving Hurricane Katrina

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Context-Aware Inference System to Capture Legacy MCAD Design Rationale

Using Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics to capture Design Rationale from 2D and 3D Drawings

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