Ontology-based Semantic Data Integration

An ontology based approach to semi-automatic real time data intergration and query from multiple heterogeneous sources

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Social Economy: Cooperatives

Issues, Role and Case Studies: Micro Finance and Cooperatives in Social Economy of India

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Similariton Compression in a Comb-like Dispersion Decreasing Fibre

Theory and Construction

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How is education possible in a world with AIDS?

Telling the stories of teachers with AIDS

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Barriers to cancer pain management with opioids

Patient-related barriers to cancer pain management and health care professionals'' rationale to choose fentanyl

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Optimal Design of Heat Recovery Steam Cycles and Heat Integration

Mathematical Model, Numerical Optimization and Application to Low CO2 Emission Plants

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IT Systems and Management

Concepts and Challenges for Evaluation

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Environmental effects on Hybrid FRP composites

An emphasis on Mechanical properties

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Algebras Associated to Simplicial complexes

Characterization of f-ideals

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Self-organization of Addresses Protocol

Supporting Autoconfiguration in Autonomous Networks

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