Equity for new Canadians

Considering cultural worldviews in adult education

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Transforming Identities

Latin American Youths and Culture in Toronto

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Second Language Acquisition in EFL Teacher Training in Vietnam

Training in Classroom-based Input and Interaction

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Shakespeare’s influence in some of Harold Pinter’s plays

Shakespearean aspects in Pinter''s plays

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A Performance Study Based on Image Reconstruction, Recognition and Compression

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The Czech Republic and the Varieties of Capitalism Approach

Is the Czech Market Economy Liberal or Coordinated?

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Domain-Specific Modeling: A Practical Approach

A comparison of Microsoft DSL Tools and Eclipse Modeling Frameworks in the context of Model-Driven Development

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Maintenance Performance Management in Capital Intensive Organizations

Key to Optimizing Management of Physical Infrastructure Assets

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Designing a Driver Vigilance Monitoring Device

Application Driven Development of an FPGA Based Multiprocessor System

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