Growing Influence Of Evangelical Christianity on the Policies of USA

Growing Influence Of Evangelical Christianity on the Policies of the USA and their Implications for the Islamic World

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Rhetorical approaches to crisis communication

The research, development, and validation of an image repair situational theory for educational leaders

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Munazza's Story:

Understanding Science Teaching and Conceptions of the Nature of Science in Pakistan Through a Life History Study

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Random Variate Generation If the Density Is Not Known

Basics, Methods, Implementations

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Management Information Systems And Data Warehousing

A Real Data Warehouse Retail Sample

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An Examinination of the Energy used with General Office Lighting

Energy usage for a Section of Lighting in an Office

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Translation and Reception of Feminist Speculative Fiction in Turkey

A Multiple-Foregrounding Analysis

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Securing of maritime claims

Arrest of ships in Norway and Ukraine and Rule B Attachment

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Contact elements are implemented into the finite element analysis of crack closure to predict crack opening stress

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Achieving Basic Sanitation for All Slum Dwellers

The role of Community Education in sustainabling improvements

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