Tutor perspectives on distance delivery in teacher education

Tutor perspectives on the transition to distance delivery in teacher education: a case study

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Ethics, Stem Cells, and Women

A feminist perspective

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Toric Varieties in Several Complex Variables

Integral Representations and Holomorphic Extension on Toric Varieties

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Towards Image Understanding

Deformable Contour and Graph-based Image Segmentation and Recognition

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Initial Public Offerings, Liquidity, and Corporate Governance

The hidden economics behind IPO performance and productivity growth

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Place Marketing and Branding

Success Factors and Best Practices

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Distinct precursors of the dendritic cell subtypes

Discovery, isolation and characterization

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Song, Sleep, and the Slow Evolution of Thoughts

Studies on Brain Representation

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Arts Participation and Wellbeing in Regional Western Australia

A Quantitative Study of the Shire of Denmark in the Great Southern Region

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Errand into the East

A Social History of American Missionaries in Istanbul, 1830-1900

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