Cultural Experiences in the Landscape

Exploring the Value of Study Abroad

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Achieving Mutual Understanding

Communication Strategies in Instructional Interactions across Linguistic and Cultural Boundaries

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Female Verbal Crime in Early Modern England

Dissemination and cultural transmission processes in early modern communities

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Contribution of faculty members to the flow of Information

A study at selected universities in Andhra Pradesh, India

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The Nature of Teacher Leadership

A Case Study of Elementary School Teachers from a Five-Year Teacher Education Program

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“Salt of the earth, Light of the world”

A social-historic study of Matthew 5:13-16

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Active Magnetic Bearings and Self-Bearing Motors

Modeling and Nonlinear Control

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Pilot Assisted Channel Estimation in Differential Space Time OFDM

Problem Formulation and Performance Evaluation

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Use of Low Quality Groundwater for Sustainable Crop Production

Agriculture with Low Quality Groundwater

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