Peer–to–Peer Bartering

Swapping Amongst Self–interested Agents

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Integrated Control of Insect Pests in Commercial Mushroom Production

Sciarids and Phorids

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Process Safety and Loss Prevention

Design and Development of an Integrated Chemical Accident System for Monitoring Risk Potential of Hazard Installation

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Wireless Sensor Networks

Boundary Detection and Target Tracking

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Effects of Leadership Training and Networking Opportunities

On Professional Advancement: A Quantitative Study

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Evaluating the Fit of Structural Equation Models

Sensitivity to Specification Error and Descriptive Goodness-of-Fit Indices

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Silent Success

Successful Traits, Influences, and Experience of Selected Asian American Leaders in Corporations

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A History of World Language and Culture

Giving Linguistics its Rightful Place in the search for Mankind’s Cultural Past

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An epidemiological study of adolescents hypertension in Kolkata, India

An epidemiological study of adolescents hypertension in the field practice area of Urban Health Centre, Chetla, Kolkata

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Global Indexing of Topographic Surface

A discrete global grid indexing of topographic surface suitable for 3D visualization and analysis

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