Development of a Collagen Gel Sandwich Hepatocyte Bioreactor

In Vitro Detection of Hepatotoxicity Caused by Drugs and Chemicals

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Ethics About Animals

An Examination of Three Philosophical Approaches to the Animal Question

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Opening the Pandora''s Box: The Child Abuse Discourse

A Study of the Emergent Bulgarian Child Maltreatment Stories

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Peer Rejections in Preschool

Preschool Children''s Perceptions of Peer Rejection Experiences

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Co-firing of Waste with Coal in a Fluidised Bed Combustor

Combustion Characteristic and Efficiency

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An Anti-Windup Approach

To Reliable Communication and Resource Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Volatility of Ethiopian Export Earnings

The Contribution of Major Export Commodities

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Teachers'' Umwelten in a Middle School

An ethnographic study of teachers'' umwelten in an Australian Middle School Setting

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A Non-Contact Analysis Method

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The Shaping of Credit Union Development

A Critical Analysis of Legislative Frameworks on Credit Unions in the United States, Ireland and Great Britain

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