Artists Experiencing Immigration

How We View Our Artistic Expression in the Context of Dramatic Change

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Post Conflict Economic Reconstruction

The Liberian Experience with Micro finance Since 2003

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Through the Distance: Creating virtual extensions in Dance

How technology and systems theory can be used in the choreography process and performance

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Non-Traditional Business School Product Foster Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship in a business school environment

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Flood Proneness in Bangladesh: Coping and Indigenous Knowledge

(Indigenous Practices for Flood Mitigation)

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Jet Fighter Design Evolution

The First 50 Years

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Phase transitions of long-chain n-alkanes at interfaces

Implications to bulk phase transitions of hydrocarbons

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The U.S.-Japan Trade Friction - the 1980s and the early 1990s

Japan Bashers and Their Views

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Electronic Commerce Usability

Investigating Aspects of Electronic Commerce Browsing

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Exploring the Lived Experience of Women Exposed to Partner Abuse

A Phenomenological Study

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