Patients with advanced cancer

Their family caregivers perception of treatment and support services

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Abiotic Stresses and Soybean

Influence of Salinity and Drought on Soybean, Strategies for Alleviating Salt and Drought Stress, and Role of Associated Fungal Endophytes

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Effectiveness of the buddy program for parents of very preterm infants

A Cohort study with control group comparison

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Rational Farming

Development and Change in Dade Hmong Community

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Fitting the Arts into Education

An Examination of High-Stakes Testing and Mandates Stemming from an Internship in the Arts

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Chinese Medicine and Wilhelm Reich

An Analysis of Chinese Medical and Reichian Theories of Life Force And Experimental Orgone- Acupuncture Study

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Grounded Situation Models for Situated Conversational Assistants

Towards Intelligent Conversational Robots

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Empowering Small Entrepreneurs by Islamic Banks

A study of lender-borrowers network relationships between small entrepreneurs and different financing organizations

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Making sense of CSCW: A taxonomy of terminology

Making sense of Computer Supported Cooperative Work: A taxonomy of terminology

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