Recreational Only Fishing Areas

Have they reduced conflict and improved recreational catches in North Queensland, Australia?

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The Culture of Smoking in Mental Health Service Populations

Systemic Factors That Perpetuate Smoking among Community and Institutionalised Mental Health Service Populations

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Menstrual and cardiovascular function in top elite athlete women

Implications for performance and health

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Engineering Design

Some Fabrics to define engineering

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Substance Abuse Prevention and Corporate Social Responsibility

Attitudes, Obstacles and Possibilities in the Hungarian Context

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Commercial banks lending to productive sector: evidence from Namibia

An analysis on the commercial banks lending to productive sector: evidence from Namibia

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Creativity and Normalization in Translation

An Analysis of Creativity and Normalization in the Translations of Arundhati Roy''s The God of Small Things

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Tithing in the Old Testament

Theological Perspectives and Implications for Africa

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Hospice patients tell their stories about walking in the white light

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Philosophy and Human Existence:

Critical Essays in Philosophical Discourse

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