Examining the function of cytoskeleton-associated proteins in yeast

A combination of yeast genetics, molecular biology, and real-time imaging

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Postsecondary Success: Culturally Diverse Students with Disabilities

College Access and Persistence Factors

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Patricia Highsmith Revisioned

The Politics and Aesthetics of Domesticity in Cold War American Literature, 1945-1960

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The Poverty Penalty

The Price of Being Poor

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Knowledge management in sub-Saharan Africa government agencies:

The case of Kenyan government-owned organizations

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Reduction Levels in Subtitling

DVD Subtitling: A Convergence of Trends

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Color Rendering of Human Faces Under Variable Illumination

Image-Based Rendering Approach

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Facilities Planning and Simulation, the Passionate Attachment

Integrating discrete-event simulation into designing large-scale efficient facilities through multilevel frameworks

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The reconfiguration of autonomy in the Irish healthcare profession

The onset of a possible medical mutiny?

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Improving Instruction by Analyzing the Impact of a Data Analysis Process Using a Collaborative, Reflective Model

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