Radiation Recoil from spinning black hole mergers

Gravitational wave tails

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Financial distress costs and bankruptcy

Tax incentive theory

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Outward Investment from Emerging Markets

Experiences of Chinese SME Managers

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Conception, Evaluation, Simulation and Implementation of hybrid Spintronic/CMOS circuits

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The Globalization of New Media Exposure:The Dependency on The Internet

A Study of Indonesian Students Behaviour in The United States in Accessing The Internet for Their Daily News Consumption

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Teaching in Minefields

The Experiences of Secondary Social Studies Teachers with Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom

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Successful GIS Implementation in Municipal Asset Management

Proven effective and successful project management strategies to implement GIS as an asset management tool for Cities

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Subjective Assessment of Hearing Performance

The Hearing in Noise Test

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Pakistan''s Crop Sector

An Economic Evaluation

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