Adoption and Usage of AISEMA Systems

Automated In-Process Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis

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The Sarus Crane Grus antigone antigone in Semi-Arid Tract of India

Home Range, Behaviour, Breeding and Habitat Use

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Pesticides and Human Health Risk Assessment: Case of Farmers of Punjab

Human Genotoxicity Assessment on Account of Indiscriminate Use of various agrochemicals in Punjab, India

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Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management in India Water Resource Management in UK Water Resource Management in Africa

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Nationalist Ideologies in Syria

1970 - 2000

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Pricing Default and Prepayment Risks of Fixed Rate Mortgages in Turkey

An Application of Explicit Finite Difference Method

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A Metaphorically Based Spatial-Temporal Paradigm of Situated Sound

Spatial-Temporal Paradigms

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Organising Self-Referential Taxi Work with mICT

The Case of the London Black Cab Drivers

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Structure Information Systems for Industrial Environmental Management

A practical guide to structure information and information systems for industrial environmental management systems and functions

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