Ultracold Bosons in One Dimension

A few-body perspective

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Antioxidants of Healing Herbs: Withania and Rauwolfia

Antioxidant capacity, Phenols and Flavonoids

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Role of Inter-firm Networks in Technology Adoption:

A Quantitative Study of Collaborative Learning and Innovation in the Petroleum Industry

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Barriers to Practitioner Research

Making Research Education Relevant and Productive

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Time-Averaged Moiré Fringes

Algorithms and Techniques for Time-Averaged Moiré Fringes

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Extent of and impact on student trainees personal and professional lives

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Archetypal Simulacra

The Women of Aeschylus'' Oresteia

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Agricultural Studies On Sugar Beet Crop

Effect of planting dates, bio-fertilizers and NK fertilization on sugar beet productivity and quality.

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Designing convenient retail centres

What it entails and why it''s important

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Hungarian Green Investment Scheme

A Game Theoretic Approach

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