Experimental Electron Density–dilute magnetic semiconducting materials

Electron density in Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors

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Two-dimensional wide-field spectroscopy of nearby spiral galaxies

New techniques for the study of the chemical and physical properties of the ionized gas in the nearby Universe

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Environment and Biodiversity

Environmental Pollution and Risk to Biodiversity

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Guyana''s Public Policy and Post-Colonial Transformation in Perspective

The Politics of Radical Nationalism and the Sugar and Bauxite Industries

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Teenage Sexual Identity Constructions Within the Context of HIV/AIDS

An orientation to researching young adults’ sexual identity constructions within the context of HIV/AIDS

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African Youth and Globalization

The Experience of the Ethics Club in the Process of Socio-political Integration of the Youth in Cameroon

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Child Actor Ethics

Children in Plays with Adult Themes

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RCM: Railway Transit Maintenance to Achieve Optimal Performance

Reliability Centered Maintenance: A Case Study of Railway Transit Maintenance To Achieve Optimal Performance

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Recovering from Metaphysics as Technicity

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Reproductive biology of Melaleuca alternifolia

Reproductive biology of Melaleuca alternifolia (Maiden and Betche) Cheel and implication to the breeding syatem

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