IC Packaging

Package Construction Analysis in Ultra Small IC Packaging

Rojalin Hemant Warad - ISBN: 978-3-8383-8567-9

Analysing university RPL policy responses to Government policy on RPL

University RPL policy responses in recognising prior learning for purposes of access and redress - Western Cape (SA)

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Women and Local Social Security

A study in Kerala

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Set-up Cash Pool Structure

The Advantage of Notional Pooling Implementation Compare To Cash Concentration

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An empirical test of Capital Asset Pricing Model during periods of zero risk-free rate

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The Value and Development of Soft Skills

The case for Sultanate of Oman

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Environmental Services and Institutions

A case from Kulekhani Watershed, Nepal

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The role of lactic acid bacteria in spread of antibiotic resistance

Transfer of plasmids conferring antibiotic resistance from food-associated Lactobacillus to intestinal bacteria

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A Study of Uncertainty Aspects

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Interactive Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Phylogenetic Trees

Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) for displaying Phylogenetic Trees using Perl, specifically BioPerl programming language

Saman Majeed - ISBN: 978-3-8383-8517-4