Price Flexibility in Relation to Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Online

Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce

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Analysis of T.E and A.E of APEP on Maize Farmers; Masindi District (U)

Analysis of Technical and Allocative Efficiency of Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program on Maize Farmers by Kibirige

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Managing Engineering and Construction Contracts: Some Perspectives

Revisiting the Segments of Contracts Management

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International Purchasing Plans and Strategies

Value For Money

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Carriage of Goods by Sea

UNCITRAL Draft Instrument on Carriage of Goods by Sea and the Possibility of Harmonization of Carrier Liability Regimes

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Models of Bilingual Education

The application of dual-medium and parallel-medium models of education at two primary schools in the Western Cape

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Banking Risk and Profitability in Republic of Moldova

Determination of the optimum between risk and profitability in banking sector of Moldova

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The Missing Dimension in Globalisation

Kitchen Cabinet, Manipulation, Exploitation

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Directional Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy

Role in previously equivocal biopsies for breast masses suspicious for cancer

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Partial Eigenvalue Assignment Problem for the Quadratic Matrix Pencil

comparisons of two types of methods for solving Quadratic Partial Eigenvalue Assignment Problem

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