Rod-Like and Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystals by means of Deuterium NMR

Molecular structure, orientational ordering and molecular dynamics of complex liquid crystalline materials

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The Dilemma of Health Reform

Managing the limits of policymaking, managerialism and professionalism in health care reform

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Theistic Humanism of African Philosophy

The Great Debate on Substance and Method of Philosophy

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"We Real Cool": Beauty, Image, and Style in African American History

An economic and political history of institutions, We Real Cool examines meanings of black images around the globe

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The tales of poly(A) tails

The interplay between polyadenylation and degradation of RNA in the three Domains of Life

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Microbiome antibiograms in pollution monitoring of water resources

Pollution status of a river using biogeochemico-graphic information system model on microbiome antibiograms

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Life-Cycle Microsimulation Modelling

Constructing and Using Dynamic Microsimulation Models

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Fuel Cell Emualtor

Mimicking the behavioral characteristics of a Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell using electrical circuits

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Medical Image Analysis

Basic Concepts and Methods

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Population dynamics of important fishes in the Vindhyan region, India

Status and structure of commercial fishes in the Vindhyan river

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