Novel Genetic Analysis Predicts Extreme Risk for Type 1A Diabetes

Novel Genetic Analysis of the MHC Region Allows Prediction of Extreme Genetic Risk for Type 1A Diabetes

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Rediscovering Japanese Motherhood

The Transformation of Western Feminist Ideas in Japan

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Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations For Autistic Students

Factors that influence diagnosis and treatment recommendations for autistic students: A survey of school psychologists

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Spheroidal Dielectric Resonator Antenna

Analysis of Hemispheroidal Dielectric Resonator Antenna Utilizing Dyadic Green''s Function

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Nonlinear Wake Phenomena

Computational Studies and Improved Reduced-Order Modeling

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Teacher Education and Competence in an Intercultural Perspective

Some Reflections in Brazil and the UK

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General Architecture for Demand Migration in Distributed Systems

General Architecture for Demand Migration in Distributed Systems

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A Framework for Alternation of Meta-heuristic Algorithms

Alternation of Meta-heuristic Algorithms with Runtime Analysis and Parameter Adaptation

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Dual Role of Geminin Protein During Human Cell Cycle

How the protein Geminin safeguards the human genome

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