Urban Design and Users' Preferences

Virtual Reality Simulation as a Tool to Test Users' Preferences for Urban Design Alternatives

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Assessment of Radiological Risk due to Environmental Radioactivity

A Case study of Malwa Region of Punjab, India

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Modelling and Forecasting of Information Technology Stock Prices

Lift the Veil of Hight-tech Myth

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Putting The City On The Map

A Social History of Football in Trabzon to 1967

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Mass transit effects on urban land changes:

The influence of accessibility and proximity over densities, land uses and land values

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Алюминиевая промышленность России

Возможности преодоления сырьевого дефицита

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Rainfall Characteristics in Drought-Prone Sudan-Sahel Zone of Nigeria

A study on Rainfall Characteristics in Drought-Prone Sudan-Sahel Zone of Nigeria

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Систематизация федерализма

Опыт системного подхода к теории и практике государственно-территориального устройства России

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Urban Traffic Management

Overview, Assessment,Planning, Environmental Impact and Solutions

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Natural Clay as Liner Material for the Waste Landfill

Present State of the Art

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