Humanities in the Spotlight

Luminita Chiorean, Cristina Nicolae, Cristian LAKÓ - ISBN: 978-620-0-48128-3

Noncircular orbits, duality and cartoons

Lena Strömberg - ISBN: 978-620-0-48210-5

Vibration ofHeat Exchanger Tubes

Analysis & Design of Multiple Tubes BundleVibration & Fatigue Failure ofNuclear Power Plant

Bharat Raj Singh - ISBN: 978-620-0-47915-0

Football and beer commercials

Analysis of the Connection Between Commercials for Beer and Football

Nikola Vukčević, Luka Rakojević - ISBN: 978-620-0-46852-9

How to bullet-proof your family against insecurity

Enhancing your family security

Samson Adeyekun - ISBN: 978-620-0-48185-6


Key to diagnosis and its management

Disha Singhal, Ishank Singhal - ISBN: 978-613-8-23711-2

Communication and Good Governance

In Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Joseph Amaechi Nnaji - ISBN: 978-620-0-48021-7

Seismic Hazard and Ground Response Analysis in Gibraltar

Themes in Urban Seismology

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Cross Layer Architecture of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Power Efficient Routing Protocol

Jhunu Debbarma, Shimal Das, Sanjoy Mitra - ISBN: 978-620-0-47880-1

Mass production of fresh water live feed

The laboratory culture and Nutritional evaluation of the freshwater copepod Thermocyclops decipiens

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