Light therapy in conditions of experimental thermal skin burns


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Instructional facilities challenges in primary school education

Use of Instructional facilities helps teachers in having effective teaching and enhance students understanding.

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Environmental Energy Designs - EcoHealth Policy & Economy

Ecological Public Health - Sustainable Designs in Environmental Energy and Sanitary Engineering for Circular Economy

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Strange Work in Strange Places

Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space

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The serum proteome of Sus scrofa

Low-abundant proteins enriched pig (Sus scrofa) serum proteome map

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Dental pulp stem cells

Dental Medicine

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Human Signature Authentication and IRIS Verification System

Design and Analysis of Human Signature Authentication and IRIS Verification System

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Solving Problems in Solid and Structural Mechanics (Volume 2)

Solid and Structural Mechanics

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Surgery of the Parathyroid Glands

Recent Advances

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Growth and development of silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)on mulberrry leaves

Study of larval growth in instar,bio-metrical and economical traits

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