How Terrorism Killed the News

Pakistani journalism after 9/11

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Narrative Analysis and Self-Presentation

The Use of Evaluative Strategies in Stories about Bullfight

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Partnership Governance in Finnish and English Private Equity Funds

Partners’ Decision-making Rights and Liabilities

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Consciousness Studies

A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind

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Vol. 4. Living conditions among people with disabilities in Zambia

A national representative and comparative household survey among individuals with disabilities in Zambia

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Introduction to Paleoanthropology

Trails from the Past

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NMR Studies of Structural Motifs

Protein Folding and Ligand Binding

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Embedded Systems


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Quantifying the Effects of Temperature and Concentration in Numerical Models of Variable-Density Groundwater Flow

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Block-Oriented Identification of Nonlinear Systems

Neural Network approach towards Identification of Hammerstein and Wiener Models

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