Dynamics of Gene Networks with Time Delays

Numerical Studies for Differential Delay Equations

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Globalisation, Internationalisation, H.Resources, Industrial Democracy

A critical exploration of economic prodigies

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Application of the Automata Theory to Economic Systems

Modelling, Simulation and Analysis

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Inclusiveness of Christianity

A Study of the Theme of Inclusiveness in the Acts of the Apostles

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Mode of Action of Methylene Bisthiocyanate on Sapstain Fungi

Mode of Action of Methylene Bisthiocyanate on Sapstain Fungi of Pinus Radiata

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Does Race Matter for Black Educational Leaders?

Black Principals'' Perceptions of How Their Race Affects Their Leadership

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Hyperbolic Knots with distance-3 Toroidal Surgeries in S³

Examples and Characterization

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Visualising Music

Audio-Visual Relationships in Avant-Garde Film and Video Art

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Continuous Security Monitoring utilizing Security Metrics with Operational Field Examples

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Making of Community in the Margins of Turkey

The Case of Okmeydanı

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